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Amongst recording studios in San Diego, our music production facilities offer the finest selection of analog synthesizers. Soundclip Studio puts the highest emphasis on sound quality, whilst offering a super relaxed environment. The studio will meet most audio engineering, music production, sound design, recording, mixing and mastering requirements. Music producers will appreciate the various production toys (see equipment), helping you get the most out of your mix. Besides solid facilities and amazing equipment our San Diego recording studio comes with knowledgeable and hospitable studio engineers. Being located in the Encinitas provides a calming, tranquil environment. Lush gardens provide a great escape to recharge between studio sessions. If you haven’t tried our recording studio in San Diego it’s about time! Why not take advantage of our free studio session that we offer to get you familiarised with our facilities? It’s super easy to book our services online. Make Soundclip Studio your local San Diego recording studio, music studio or rap studio; whatever you want to call it!
Sound quality is one of the most important factors for a recording studio. We’ve gone a long way to assure great sound at our recording studio in San Diego. Walls have been finished with ‘Calibamboo Tundra’ designer cork and ceilings feature further sound insulation. There’s a variety of microphones available, which you can familiarise yourself with in the Equipment area. Don’t worry in case you forget your guitar cause we have a plenty of instruments available at our San Diego recording studio. Our studio engineers will assist you throughout your recording session and help get the most out of your production. Browse our site or get in touch for more information on our recording studio in San Diego.
Mix & Master
We offer a wide range of analog synthesisers and other music production toys, creating an amazing mix and mastering environment at our recording studio in San Diego. Bring your own audio engineer or access our audio experts for your music production. Are you a music producer in san diego or perhaps a sound engineer Los Angeles? Then it’s time to explore what our San Diego recording studio has to offer as a music studio and creative environment. We’re kinda’ specialised in post-production and a real paradise for music producers. Try our free recording session that we offer as an introduction and get a taste of our San Diego recording studio.
Mix & Master